Atarix is more than a technology partner. We understand the complexities and risks involved in transforming your business.

Our approach is to take you on the business transformation journey, ensuring that our solution implementations do not impact on business operations, and change benefits are realised as quickly as possible.

We advocate technology as an enabler of business that integrates with and supports business processes. We will work with you, in a stage approach if needed, to minimise impacts and ensure a seamless transition to Cloud.

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Our Business Transformation services:

Clear Roadmap

Transparent and agreed path for transformation.

Solution Alignment

Align technology with business processes and enable business outcomes.

Development and Delivery Best Practice

Adopt best suited methods and practices such as DevOps and Agile to ensure smooth, rapid development and transition into service.

Compliance and Adherence

Ensure solutions comply with standards and practices, such as Architectural, Security and Service Management.

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