This year, we’ve needed a safe, secure method to collaborate with others more than ever before. It’s been a helluva year! Lockdowns, social distancing, and travel restrictions have made working and collaborating tough.

But we have the solution – and you don’t need multiple platforms – just Microsoft Teams. Yup, you heard us. With Teams, you can securely share files, collaborate in documents online, share tasks and more. Even better, you can do all these things internally and externally. Your partners, staff, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and clients can be invited into your Teams account without needing an additional license. The benefits are numerous.

Animated image of video conference participants shown in Together mode in Microsoft Teams.

Choose the level of access securely

Letting people outside the organisation into your internal systems and data is a huge security risk, isn’t it? Not anymore! At Atarix, we’ve successfully and securely configured limited guest access for large organisations that want to streamline how they communicate with external parties.

In addition, Microsoft Teams is highly configurable to meet various levels of security needs for your organisation. With Teams and Atarix, you can rest assured when you enable guest users to file-share, attend and book online meetings or even make calls, you aren’t compromising any of your internal confidential data.

Collaborate simultaneously on documents and projects

Version control can be a pain in the proverbial. In the past, only internal stakeholders were able to work in a document simultaneously. New updates now make it possible to collaborate in documents with stakeholders from outside your organisation. But is it secure? Yes! We have developed a secure and streamlined process to do just that.

An animation of a Word document being edited in the Microsoft Teams app on a tablet device while two people have the document open.

Your ‘all-in-one’ collaboration tool

Say goodbye to managing multiple tools and platforms. Experience shows us Microsoft Teams lets you do all these things under one umbrella. There’s no need for additional software (or the headache of purchasing, managing and administering multiple products). Better yet, Teams integrates between all Office applications and tools. The well-defined and secure guest experience means you can easily collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

Send meeting invites, check availability, schedule and host high-quality group video calls (plus more) with ease from inside your Microsoft Teams account.

Remove the compliance headache

Teams makes it possible to keep everything in a single secure platform – making compliance so much easier. Better yet, Teams offers highly configurable Roles and Responsibilities as well as Auditing and Reporting.

 Join other external Teams

Great if you need to collaborate with other teams and projects outside your organisation. Teams makes it all possible.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience with Teams, Atarix is here to help you ensure this system meets your every need. Contact us to help you take full advantage of everything Teams has to offer your organisation – including complete security.