There are so many software programs and apps available for business efficiency and productivity, making it extremely hard to choose the best fit for your needs. The risks of getting it wrong can be costly – especially if you need to invest further to get disparate software solutions to work together. Instead, why not consider a suite of software systems that are designed to work seamlessly together while supporting all aspects of your business? Because it’s no coincidence ‘suite’ and ‘sweet’ sound the same.

Enter Microsoft 365. It is designed to support your business, no matter the size, with tools to aid productivity and collaboration, with a myriad of applications for conferencing, meeting room solutions, voice/phone systems, and even device management and endpoint security.

With so many ways to help a business, let’s review the top Microsoft 365 must-have services, their key features, and how they can help both small to medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

Exchange Online

Microsoft 365’s easy-to-use, secure cloud-based email solution is essential as a key communication channel. As we all know, email is essential for the running of any business and it’s a key channel for communicating with clients and business partners, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.

SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Both of these are also essential as they provide cloud-based file storage that can be accessed from any device, anywhere, safely and easily. They ensure your files aren’t at risk of single points of failure (all business data only residing on a PC hard drive) and allow for collaboration among the team.

Microsoft Teams

These days, Teams is a vital tool to connect remote workplaces by providing a platform to communicate via chat, video and voice as a Team. Furthermore, this service allows your team to get things done all from one place, using files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

MS Endpoint Manager is a must-have for easy device management and endpoint security. It’s capable of managing Windows 10, iOS, Android and macOS devices. Being able to deploy, update and manage all organisational devices centrally from one place, is crucial for any business that needs to ensure users are only accessing business data from approved, secure, and managed devices. Plus, it removes the inefficient need for someone to manually configure all devices individually, which is a nightmare for scalability.



Perhaps more importantly, once you’re on a platform like Microsoft 365 which is evergreen, you can be confident you’ve invested in a future-ready platform that continually improves. These improvements include the regular addition of new features which are added as often as weekly – without massive software rollouts for each update.

So, if you’re ready to transition to a full suite of products that can seamlessly support every aspect of your business, Atarix is here to help. Think of us as your support arm – we’re here to make it happen with minimal disruption. To assist you, our team will tailor a deployment around your timeframes, considering the level of change management required and the appetite of end-users for adopting new systems. In other words, we prioritise your technology, so you can prioritise the growth of your business.